Reader Success: From First Page to Last Log Off

By: Laurie Davis, Founder

Whenever a new client changes their relationship status to “in a relationship,” my heart pitter-patters. But now it’s not only clients’ successes that make me swoon, but Love @ First Click readers too! It’s still pretty fascinating to me that my advice can have a similar impact in book form. Even though the book has only been on shelves since January, there are already five readers in relationships . . . well, five that I know of at least, thanks to Twitter. The latest reader to snag a click mate is a 30something New Jersey guy and his Direct Messages to me about his new eFlame struck me as something that might be inspiring if you’re online dating and still struggling. Here’s our conversation.

Him: Just wanted to tell you I’m no longer single. Thanks in large part to your book kick starting my social life. Can’t thank you enough.

Me: OMG, yay!! I am so thrilled for you. What is she like? Do tell.

Him: She’s wonderful. A lawyer, smart, ambitious, creative . . . we’re so great and so happy together. Going out tonight in fact. And tomorrow. I attribute the confidence and ease of this relationship to the clarity and simplicity of applying what your book showed me. Thank you. No more settling. No more “I have to take whoever I can get.” She’s the woman I deserve and we’re both so happy for being together.

 The coolest part of virtually knowing this gent is that I’ve seen him completely transform over time. A few months ago he also wrote this review on Amazon about how he was skeptical of the book to start, but after reading, it changed his digital point of view. I love that my words not only made him rethink his online dating approach through tangible details, like his profile and messages, but also shifted his view on the type of match (and ultimately relationship) that he deserved. 

I’m a realist – I know that every reader won’t have quite this many epiphanies when they read Love @ First Click, but knowing that it’s impacted a few inspires me to keep on dishing advice via books, blogs, conferences and consultations.

If my advice has touched your techie heart too, I’d love to hear about it! Comment below with your story or drop me a note on Twitter if you'd prefer it stay private.