How To: Date When You Don’t Live Alone

By Dee Renee, Copy Cutie

credit: KJGarbutt (flickr)Living with a roommate can give you a financial advantage while at the same time throwing a monkey wrench into your dating style. You don’t have the freedom of enjoying your company without considering someone else, so there are a few do’s and don’ts to keep in mind:

Communicate your plans.  Communication is key when living with a roommate. If you plan to cook a romantic dinner for your date, make sure your roommate isn’t planning a game night at the same time. Always let your roommate know when you’ll need the common areas for some alone time.

Remind your date you have a roommate.  When you are coming in late from a great evening with your date, be sure to let them know ahead of time that your roommate may be asleep or in the house. Otherwise, he/she may forget and talk loudly or start fishing around in the kitchen. A loud guest can cause tension and a grumpy roommate if you wake them up from a night’s sleep.

Remind your roommate you have a guest.  A quick text or a heads up to your roommate that you’re bringing home a date can help you avoid some embarrassing moments. You don’t want your date walking in on your roommate making bacon in the buff. So be sure to remind your roommate that you have company coming.

Wait to make your date and roommate BFFs.  If you and your roommate are actually friends too, wait a while before you start inviting your date to hang out with both of you. If you happen to break up, you don’t want your date and roommate to have become close friends. You never want to feel uncomfortable in your own house if your roommate invites them over after you’ve broken up!

What are your other do’s/don’ts for dating with a roommate? Share with a comment below!