Behind The Scenes: My Life In Profiles

By: Laurie Davis, Founder

My very first online dating profile was cluttered with clichés. But circa 2001, lines like “I’m as comfortable wearing my little black dress for a night on the town as I am in sweat pants on the couch” weren’t quite commonplace yet since dating sites were new to the dial-up world. (Trust me, I thought I had invented that line!)

Fast forward to 2009. I had long since dropped overused sayings, honed mad skills at navigating tech and relationships, and got this wacky idea that I could help other people date online, too. After all, my advice in the past had helped friends so intensely that some of them were getting hitched. Vows will always be a huge deal and I found myself establishing eFlirt Expert two days later, with profile writing as our first service. Though everyone thought I was crazy (seriously — legit crazy) I eloped with entrepreneurship anyway.

It’s now 2013 and we’ve added many more packages to our repertoire over the years, even helpin some clients in unexpected ways, like coping with a breakup and improving their date night wardrobe. The business’ four-year anniversary will be celebrated in a few short months but there’s an even bigger milestone looming:

We’re about to work on our 1,000th profile!

Never did I ever think that my crazy idea to write online dating profiles could have such a sizeable impact on people’s hearts, but when you’re living your purpose, momentum sometimes takes over.  The stories of nearly each profile have left a mark on my heart, like Trey, who met his wife on OkCupid. She had never messaged a guy before and told him that she couldn’t resist reaching out because she adored his profile so much. Another client, Debbie got massive clarity on what she was really looking for in a mate simply by having to articulate it and discuss it during her eMakeover meeting. For me, profiles are more than words on a screen — it’s all about helping my clients realize their hearts’ purpose.

So each day we feel love, hope and desire resonate from all the singles (or not-so-singles anymore!) that we help. And since we can’t wait to hear what the story is behind profile number one thousand, we’re giving it away! The person who purchases the thousandth profile* will receive some eLovin’ from us:

- A signed copy of my book, Love @ First Click
- An eFlirt Expert Emergency Date Kit filled with curated goodies that will come in handy when you meet dates in person
- An Email Reply Service package (five handcrafted, ghostwritten messages to the matches of your choosing)
- Plus, of course, whatever profile service you purchased

But I couldn’t have worked on nearly one thousand profiles in an office of one. Oh no, no! I have the most fabulous team. And we’re expanding! I’ve designed a training process that we’ve been testing, a standard that all of our online dating coaches will achieve, so that you know you know you’re working with a true expert. Our latest Certified eFlirter is Samantha Eng and we’ll be introducing more Certified eFlirters in your local city soon for an incredibly personal experience. So if you’ve got writing chops, an aptitude for dating, and online dating know-how, we want to hear from you. Certified eFlirter submissions are currently being accepted here, and I’ll be setting up meetings with potential candidates throughout the upcoming months, especially in the cities where my book tour takes me.

The first thousand have been unforgettable and I’m excited for eFlirt Expert to help many more thousands in the future. But for me, it’s still about each individual I can help one day at a time.  


*Profile services are defined as an eMakeover, Profile From Scratch, eMix, eCritique or an Add-on Profile. Orders qualify when payment is processed.

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