New to Online Dating and Oh So Confused? Totally OK!

By Pam Majumdar, Associate Editor 

We at eFlirt Expert are big fans of Glamour magazine’s "Hey, It's OK" tips, and this is our monthly spin on them, online-dating-style. After all, one of the best parts of online dating is that you are in charge of the face you're putting forward — and we hope that it's the best and most authentic one. (No catfishing please!) Here are some things you should feel totally OK doing when it comes to your love life on the interwebs. Consider the following eFlirt Expert approved!

credit: SophieSchieli (flickr)Going from meeting potential dates in your classes and during spring break trips is so yesterday. As in, when-you-were-in-college yesterday. You’ve graduated into the real world career-wise, and you should also consider transitioning your dating life from offline-only to online-maybe. These things are totally OK to do while giving it a go:

1. On-again, off-again online dating.  Don’t worry if you delete your profile after just a week of (not really) trying the online dating thing. Even some of us eFlirt bloggers had to give it a few whirls (or um, three) before finally making the effort. So go ahead and hit 'deactivate' if you want to wait until you feel a bit more ready. You'll be back!

2. Get really, unreasonably excited.  Yup, even for a first meet up with someone you haven't even had an offline convo with. While it's important not to get too invested in someone both emotionally and time-wise, in usernames alone, butterflies can be a good thing! And getting your hopes up is good stamina for what may be a long (but worth it!) search for The One. Just remember to save the butterflies for when an offline hang is in close sight, not during endless messaging.

3. Ignore (some) follow-up messages.  After a really obviously horrible (to you) date, sometimes the best letdown is no response at all. But don’t get carried away. If you continue to spend more offline time together, it really is bad manners to keep someone hanging. Your mama taught you better than that! (And if not, eFlirt Expert just did.) 

If you’re not online-dating regularly, why aren’t you? Share with a comment below!