Love for Single Moms: Our Mother's Day Gift

By: Laurie Davis, Founder

It wasn’t always socially acceptable to be a single mom. I know this firsthand: my mom had me alone at 17. In suburbia USA circa the early 80s, her teachers judged her, churchgoers scoffed at us and our neighbors stared. But no matter what Mrs. Smith down the block said behind closed doors, my mom always made sure I was surrounded by love, and I’ve felt enveloped by it for my entire life, not only by my mom, but by her husband, who I call dad.

In fact, I had the rare opportunity to witness my mom falling in love. Not a lot of 6-year-olds can say that but being there for the moments of my mom and her soul mate’s relationship was a powerful experience for me. So now, thirty-one years after my mom decided to bravely become a mom without a partner, I’ve made it my mission to help people feel that too: love. True, unwavering, all-consuming love.

Being a single mom in 2013 is a bit easier in some ways, but seems to not have changed in others. There’s always going to be at least one Mrs. Smith gossiping about how an unhitched mom can’t handle it all on her own. And the challenges are still real. I mean, even as a child of a single mom, I’m still not sure how you ladies do it all! From the logistics to the emotions, you have to be someone’s everything.

So in honor of my single mom, I want to give you a gift this Mother’s Day: the chance to meet someone who is your everything. I know how hard you work every single hour of every single day — my mom barely stopped moving when she was raising me! — so I decided that my team and I are going to give you a break in your online dating life to celebrate all you do. For free, a Certified eFlirter will take a look at your dating profile and tell you three things that you can do to improve your first impression to a match. And I really do mean free — this isn’t a gimmick and there’s no catch. Our eCritiques are usually $59, but this mini version is entirely on the house because I genuinely want to help you find a love as amazing as what my mom has in her life. By honoring you, I’m honoring her.

In a world where we meet online, tweaking a few seemingly tiny things can often make the difference between sending tingles through your match’s iPad or an empty inbox. So the three tips we send will be tangible ones, things that you can implement right now and on your own to meet better dates … and hopefully find an incredible relationship. Submit your information here by Monday at midnight to receive this special Mother's Day gift from us. 

I love you, mom.