How To: Balance Your Significant Other and Friends

By Dee Rene, Copy Cutie

credit: 1000heads (flickr)It’s the worst: Your friend gets a significant other and suddenly you’re minus one friend? We all want our friends to fall in love and be happy, but we don’t want to lose them in the process either. Love is a balancing act. If you find yourself torn between your friends and your significant other, here are a few tips to help you keep your sanity and happiness.

Group Nights.  Playing Taboo, Monopoly, or even a round of Wii is a great way to bring your partner and friends together. Invite multiple single friends and coupled-up friends so no one feels like the third wheel. You can also find group outings outside the home as well that can be a great experience for singles and couples. You’ll get a chance to have a great time with your partner and your friends at the same time.

Keep your Commitments.  The worst thing you can hear is, “Oh you are cancelling on me, but you made time for so-and-so!” That’s one guilt trip you want to avoid. Plan your dates and your friend-dates out carefully so that you aren’t blowing off girls’/guys’ night to spend time with your significant other or vice versa. Remember that everyone’s time is valuable and it’s important to only make commitments you can keep so that tensions don’t rise.

Pulse Check.  A pulse check is simply checking in with your significant other or friends about your relationship. You don’t have to do a formal survey, but you can ask them if they feel neglected, smothered, or anything in between. Simply asking if your guy/girl or friends feel left out can help you avoid a big blowup later when all those feelings rise to the surface. If you find that either your partner or friends do feel neglected, take a step back and brainstorm how you can make them feel appreciated.

Me Time.  When you’ve got great friends and a wonderful significant other all vying for your attention, it can quickly start to feel like a tug of war on your emotions and time. Don’t forget about your me time. Part of balancing your partner and your friends is making sure that you also take time to yourself to evaluate how you are spending your time and energy. Your sanity and feelings also matter in this situation. A few hours a week to just clear your head will make you a much more pleasant person as you try to maintain this delicate balancing act.

How do you balance your significant other and your friends? Do you find it very difficult or a breeze? Share your comments and tips below!