Career Builder: Types of Women You’ll Find On Online Dating Sites

By Kevin Murray, Suave Scribe

credit: Joel Telling (flickr)Online dating is a great way to meet new people regardless of what you do for a living. But, there are some professions that make it extremely hard for a woman to meet men – when you online date for almost a decade like myself, you certainly notice some trends. You’ll probably come across some or all of these professions once or twice in your online dating career.

The Sales Rep.  The sales rep usually has the biggest ego of any woman you’ll stumble across online. She needs that ego to succeed in selling her product – that’s how she thrives. What does that mean for you? It typically means you need to be a little on guard. It’s her job to get people to like her and she’s damn good at it. She’s smooth talking, quick-witted and will pull the wool over your eyes if you’re not paying attention. Stay on your toes from jump street with this one. If your game’s weak she’ll quickly dismiss you and move on to the next client.

The Stylist.  She’s clearly the most outgoing of the bunch and has no problem getting in your personal space, especially if she’s into you. Stylists have to spend all day talking and being literally 6 inches away from their clients – basically they’re immune to feeling uncomfortable in tight personal proximities. For this reason, a stylist will be up in your face pretty quickly. Don’t be alarmed with her aggressive approach. Watch out though: when you’re not looking she’ll bite your head off.

The Teacher.  Closet freaks, don’t sleep on a teacher. They usually carry themselves very properly and can seem reserved. But lurking inside is some pent-up inappropriateness. It’s only natural when you spend all week minding your P’s and Q’s while helping little Billy with his popsicle stick house. The teacher can really surprise you and throw you a wicked curve. Don’t let her mild-mannered ways get you down – give it some time and I bet you’ll be surprised.

The Nurse.  She often works hours that deviate far from the Monday through Friday, 9-5 shift. So if you start dating her, be ready for your dates to be planned in the middle of the week as her schedule usually rotates. The nurse is a nurturing person, usually the most caring out of any women you’ll meet online. With that said, she has to deal with a lot of crap at work (sometimes literally). If you’re flaking out or becoming hesitant, she’ll have no problem tossing you in the trash like a dirty diaper. But if you make her a priority, she’ll be extremely loyal.  

Of course, these stereotypes can’t be applied to everyone. Each woman has her own quirks and personality. But humans often can’t help eventually becoming products of their environment—it’s only natural. Stay alert men, you’ve been warned.

Have any common professions we’ve missed? Drop some knowledge in the comments section!