3 Reasons to Spring Clean Your Inbox

By Dee Rene, Copy Cutie

credit: card karma (flickr)It’s that time again! Birds are chirping and your inbox is overflowing with new love interests as everyone tries to find romance for the new season. But just like you want to clean out old clothes from your closet, cleaning out your inbox is also very important. Although you may be unsure about which message to keep or toss, here’s what you should keep in mind:

1. You don’t want to miss anything.  Sometimes when our inbox is overcrowded, we tend to start deleting things without checking each message carefully. Keep yourself from being overwhelmed by starting the spring season with an empty and clear inbox.

2. A fresh start.  If you have tons of emails from past failed dates crowding your inbox, it can make you feel down about the future. Wipe your slate clean of past dates gone wrong by organizing and clearing out your messages. You’ll definitely feel like this season promises a new start for romance.

3. Read, Review and Restart.  Spring cleaning is a time to sort of sift through the clutter and try to understand how you got to that point in the first place. Do you notice a pattern in some of your emails? Did you spend too much time talking to a person you weren’t interested in? Why do you have so many old messages in the first place? Taking a little time to evaluate your current inbox and dating life overall can help you achieve that fresh start you want.

What are your benefits of spring cleaning your inbox? Share in the comments below.