Bro Basics: The Good and Bad of a Big Dating Ego

By Kevin Murray, Suave Scribe

In the typical courtship process, the male is often the aggressor. If the guy doesn’t make the first move, the wooing process often stalls. But making that first move can be tough, not to mention that the longer you stay single the more wingmen you lose along the way: your pals get into relationships, mistake babies are had (I’ve seen my friends go through this), wedding bells ring, and before you know it you’re standing there like you’re playing a game of musical chairs with nowhere to sit. Though your single buddies leave you to carry the bachelor torch on your own, there are easy ways to navigate the dating sphere solo. Here’s an eFlirt Expert series brought to you by the first Suave Scribe on figuring out the online dating space on your own.

credit: Han Shot First (flickr)Everyone’s ego gets filled in different ways. In my opinion, ego is filled from confidence, success and satisfaction. When you have all three in motion, it creates an aura of Teflon – no matter what, you’re so good you can do no wrong. A healthy ego can be very effective in many aspects of life, including your love live. However, a huge ego can also be a detriment. Sometimes when you feel invincible, you’re overconfident that you can have anything you want. Failure to monitor an out-of-control ego can make you take things for granted. So let’s take a look at the good and the bad of a having a big male ego:

Good Ego. You know what you want and you have no problem going for it. Being assertive and taking control can be a very sexy trait – women love confident men. Confidence makes you hold your head high and exclude positive body language. That positive body language makes people feel comfortable around you and believe in you. When you walk in a room woman look at you and wonder, “Oh, who’s that?!

Bad Ego.  You miss the minor details of what she’s saying because you’re so full of yourself that you believe you can just scan over whatever you missed. When you do open your mouth, most of it’s crap. The reason it’s crap is because you constantly feel the pressure to feed this ego and spout off things you believe show you’re “the man.” Too much ego means cocky. Women can’t stand men who are full of themselves and have to project an “I’m awesome” image everywhere they go.

An ego can be difficult to control for guys who’ve had a lot of success with woman with it. Sometimes some humble pie (women rejecting you) will keep you on the straight and narrow. If you can find a happy medium between the good and the bad ego, you should have a successful love life – letting the ego pendulum swing too far in one direction could spell disaster.

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