Top 4: Signs You’re Dating a Passive-Aggressive Woman

By Kevin Murray, Suave Scribe

credit: bottled_void (flickr)What’s your main goal when online dating? It should be meeting someone you feel you’re compatible with face-to-face – pretty simple. However, if you’ve done online dating for any period of time you know this isn’t as simple as it seems. Throughout my years of scouring websites for dates, I realized the biggest turnoff for me was passive-aggressive women. They basically imply that they’re available, only to flake out and never commit to real plans. It’s frustrating but bound to happen in a world of dating when so many singles are at your fingertips. Here are some early signs that you’re dealing with a passive-aggressive woman. No matter how hard you try you’re just never gonna get it.

She proclaims to be “spontaneous and outgoing” but delays meeting you.  Ah, this is one of my favorites. Nothing like reading a profile of a woman proclaiming they’re “spontaneous and outgoing” only to have them question why you’re already asking them out after trading emails for over a week. Time to put some of that outgoingness on display!

She’s cancelled meeting up with you more than once.  Life happens and things come up, so someone could cancel a date for a valid reason. But if once is an instance, twice is a trend. If she’s set up plans with you only to cancel a few days later, it’s time to move on. Don’t waste your time on someone who’s going to make themselves unobtainable.

She tells you she’s a tease before you’ve even had a chance to find out.  Playful teasing in any relationship is healthy – having someone tell you they’re a tease before you’ve even locked lips is a big red flag. It’s code for “I’m going to drive you nuts with my passive-aggressiveness.” Be prepared for some serious sexual frustration.

She’s typically full-steam ahead until a choice has to be made.  This is passive-aggressiveness in a nutshell. She’ll communicate with you at a normal pace until she’s faced with a decision to be made. That decision usually is about meeting up, moving forward in the relationship, or in regards to a sexual advance. When it’s her turn to take the ball and run with it, she often just lets it sit there. Actions always speak louder than words. If she’s constantly leaving you hanging it’s time to cut your losses.

A relationship is a two way street – you need someone to meet you halfway to feel full effort is coming from both sides. If you say you’re going to do something you should follow through with it. You can’t start to build trust if you can’t keep your word. Being passive-aggressive may not always be deliberate, but it’s in the best interest of both parties to follow through with implied intentions.

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