How To: Use Smart Search Terms to Find Love

By Dee Rene, Copy Cutie

Searching for an online date can be a daunting task. You often need to filter through thousands of profiles to find someone you might actually like. But how? General search terms like “man seeking woman 20-25” won’t yield you the unique results you need to find someone who fits all your unique nooks and crannies.  So let’s get creative!

Search:  “So here my number, so call me maybe…”  Your favorite song lyrics could be the key to finding your perfect match! Try searching a popular song and see who pops up. Similar musical taste is a good sign you may be a great fit. If songs aren’t your thing, search a favorite quote or book title.

Search: “Life is better with Beer”  Are you a martini expert? A wine connoisseur? Or do you just know the best happy hours in the city? Search the name of your favorite drink or bar and see what happens. You may find the profile of that cutie you saw from across the room last week.

Search: “Batman is not a real superhero”  Perhaps you can name every superhero, their villain, and their weakness with your eyes closed. What if you could find someone who does the same? Search your favorite character names (superheroes included) and watch your match appear right before your eyes.

Search: “Boston Celtics Fans are Annoying”  We all know a sports rivalry can tear a family apart. Find someone with your similar disdain for a rival sports team and form an instant connection. Who knows, you might spend your first date cheering your team to victory!

What about you? Have you ever used an unusual search term and landed a great match? Share below!