Before You Kiss Her: 3 Quick Tips

By Dee Rene, Copy Cutie

All women look forward to the first kiss. Whether we are nervous or excited, the first kiss is a magical moment that we want to remember and enjoy. Before you lean in and go for it, here are some tips on what to keep in mind:

credit: Julien Lehuen (flickr)1. Make sure she wants to kiss you.  This may sound simple enough and perhaps you’re thinking, “I’m awesome! Who doesn’t want to kiss me?” Well, sometimes we don’t. Just because a woman went out on a date with you doesn’t mean that she’s attracted enough to want to kiss you. Learn to read her body language. A woman who lingers during the goodbye and has been making playful touches throughout the night probably wants to kiss you!

2. Hygiene is essential.  Total body hygiene is always important, but especially so before you kiss your date. Always keep mints (not gum) and take one before you go for the lips! One thing men often forget is chapstick. No matter how much a woman likes you, no one wants to kiss lips that are cracking and dry.

3. Keep it simple and not sloppy.  A first kiss should be simple and sweet. Women generally don’t like a kiss that’s too aggressive from a first date. Before you kiss your date, make sure your hormones are under control.  A light peck works and your date will surely let you know if it’s OK to go for another, deeper kiss.

Ladies – what other tips do you have for guys about the first kiss? Let’s hear it!