What To Expect When Dating a Guy From Boston

By Kevin Murray, Suave Scribe

When you live in the Boston area you have no idea how bad your accent can be at times – not to mention the cultural differences of another area, which can be eye-opening.  Being a lifelong New Englander, I didn’t realize this until I moved to New Jersey for grad school 4 years ago: Boston guys are their own breed. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t over-exaggerate my accent while dating women in New Jersey. Chicks loved thinking they were hanging out with a guy who sounded like he was from The Departed. The overall experience made me realize that we Boston guys are just different.

Here’s what to expect when dating a guy from Boston:

credit: Adam Pieniazek (flickr)Fahkin.  We’ll drop more F-bombs in one conversation than most people drop in their entire lives. In Boston, most guys have a unique talent of starting and finishing a sentence with the F word – I know, it’s mindboggling. Not to mention the more we drink, the higher our rate of F-bombs per minute.

Sports-viewing is the most important thing in our lives.   Sports in Boston are a way of life. People in New England plan life events around the viewing of a game – especially if it’s the playoffs. Don’t be offended when we want to blow off your friend’s birthday party when its fahkin game 7 of a playoff series. Sorry, but she’ll have another birthday I can show up to next year. Become a sports fan real fast if you want to date a Boston guy.

We run on Dunkin’, literally.  99.9 percent of us in Boston can’t function without Dunkin’ Donuts. Fact. And the relationship’s mutual. When the entire city of Boston was in lockdown during the pursuit of the Marathon Bombing suspect, one store was open – yup, Dunkin’s. We’ll risk our lives to sip a large dark roast ice coffee and they know it.

We’re brutally honest.  We don’t sugarcoat things. If you want the truth, ask. But, don’t be offended when we tell you that yellow sundress on you is a little too bright. 

We believe Cape Cod and the Islands are vacation paradise.  Oh, you’ve been too Bermuda and St. Thomas? Well, my buddy has a summerhouse down the Cape – you should come with me sometime. It’s like 35 minutes from the Bourne Bridge, second exit off the rotary.

Our “give a Fahk” is nonexistent.  We think we’re the balls and most of our ego is based off of how good our local sports teams are. Needless to say, business has been good lately. You can’t bother us very easily, so be prepared to deal with a decent-sized ego when dating Mr. Boston.

We’re very aggressive.  When you’re overly confident, you have no problem going after what you want – including women. If you flash a smile and raise an eyebrow at us from across the bar don’t be surprised to see us cozy up next to you a few minutes later.

We’re very loyal.  Sure, we might be a little rough around the edges. But, if we trust you we’ll run through a brick wall to make you happy. Just make sure you don’t ask us to run through that wall during the Pats game.

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