A Sidekick for Single Dads: Our Father’s Day Gift

By: Samantha Eng, Copy Cutie

credit: kdinuraj (Flickr)When I was little, I wanted to do everything with my dad — I was his sidekick. I wanted him to push me on the swing, swim with me in the ocean, and walk me to Carvel on the corner. I can still remember sitting on the curb with him, eating ice cream and laughing over nothing. 

To be honest, most of my fondest memories with my dad are like beautifully choreographed silent movies. A man of few words, I learned from an early age to treasure the moments we had together when nothing was said between us and yet a perfectly articulated conversation occurred.

My clearest memory of my father, though, comes from my mom. She told me stories about crushing on a man in purple dress shirts amongst a sea of white collars. He’d write her poems and leave flowers on her desk to start her morning off with a smile. And the reason why she married him? “I knew he’d be a good father.”

Since then, I’ve looked to date those amazing men who could be good fathers and who are good fathers, because, like most girls who’ve had an amazing dad, I want to marry someone just like him. 

So to honor my amazing father, I’m going to help the single dads out there who always put their children first, because you deserve to find someone like my mom, who fell in love with that quality first. For free, a Certified eFlirter will take a look at your online dating profile and tell you three things that you can do to improve your first impression to a match. Our full-service eCritique is normally a $59, but this is like a mini version .... Just like I’m a mini version of my dad!

The three tips we send will be tangible ones, things that you can implement right now and on your own to meet better dates … and find that missing piece to complete your perfect puzzle. So if you’re a single dad who wants a little bit of support for your online dating life, let us be your sidekick by filling out this quick form by Tuesday, June 18 at midnight so we can get started on helping you find your right click. Now enjoy the weekend! After all, it’s yours ;)