Bro Basics: Why Your Fourth of July Date Spot Matters

By Kevin Murray, Suave Scribe

credit: monkeyatlarge (Flickr)In the typical courtship process, the male is often the aggressor. If the guy doesn’t make the first move, the wooing process often stalls. But making that first move can be tough, not to mention that the longer you stay single the more wingmen you lose along the way: your pals get into relationships, mistake babies are had (I’ve seen my friends go through this), wedding bells ring, and before you know it you’re standing there like you’re playing a game of musical chairs with nowhere to sit. Though your single buddies leave you to carry the bachelor torch on your own, there are easy ways to navigate the dating sphere solo. Here’s an eFlirt Expert series brought to you by the first Suave Scribe on figuring out the online dating space on your own.

Let me just start off by saying that I’m not the world’s biggest fireworks fan — I never really got what the big deal is about seeing bright sparkly things explode in the sky. But if you’re in a relationship, there’s a 99.9 percent chance that your gal is going to want to see them, so if you’re like me, lose the attitude.

I dislike fireworks so much because I despise dealing with the aggravation that goes into seeing them in person — picking a great spot, getting there and setting up to enjoy the night. Let’s take a look how to eliminate any potential aggravation from your July Fourth experience.

Problem: Parking.  No matter where you go to see fireworks, you’ll have to deal with traffic and parking issues. Nobody wants to deal with that hassle before you see the show.

Solution: Get to your locale a few hours early and grab a bite to eat in the area. You’ll deal with minimal traffic and shouldn’t have trouble finding a parking spot – plus you’ll earn bonus points if you pick a great restaurant!

Problem: The Problem Child(ren).  If you don’t have kids, make sure you stay far away from them on this night. Kids can be little psychos on the Fourth. All the parents get together and chat, while their kids get high off Pixy Stix and soda. Before you know it, some mom is screaming at her kid, telling him to stop trying to eat glow sticks — freakin’ nightmare. You don’t want (or need) to deal with that.

Solution: Make sure you pick a spot far (far) away from kids. If a family of five comes and sits next to you, get up and run to a new spot so you don’t have to deal with sparklers burning holes in your blanket – it kind of kills the romance.

Problem: Atmosphere.  The goal from the get-go is to find the right atmosphere. This can be challenging depending on where you’re watching the fireworks; you may not have a lot of options to work with.

Solution: Do some pre-scouting homework on fireworks events in your area. Perhaps there’s a nice venue nearby where you know the ambiance will be exactly to your liking. Being comfortable will create the best romantic moment, and hopefully, you’ll both feel sparks (pun intended).

Have any tips to ensure a romantic Fourth of July? Share below!