eSwoonUp: Mobile Dating Do's and Dont's

By: Laurie Davis, Founder
credit: Cavan Images (Flickr)

Most commonly, singles ask me to solve the mystery of messaging matches. What to say, how to say it, and when to transition offline takes skillz. And in the era of mobile dating apps, messaging just got a little more complicated.

Let’s face it, the definition of “online dating” is morphing. Before, it used to mean a static profile on a desktop but today the phrase includes everything from Facebook flirtations to mobile app mating calls. But while summertime may be the perfect opportunity to whip it out – your phone, that is – and connect with a cutie in real-time hangin’ out in your beach town, what you say impacts whether or not you’ll actually rendezvous over ice cream later.

In-app messaging may feel like texting, but you’re chatting with a potential flame you haven’t met yet, not your BFF. The topics you discuss and amount of times you message matter. So to guide you through the do’s and dont’s of messaging in a mobile world (and navigating the oh-so-important offline elements), I’ll be co-hosting a Twitter party next Tuesday, July 16th from 9-10pm ET on @eFlirtExpert.

My co-host, Swoon (@SwoonApp), is one such app that helps you find cool people nearby. It’s the first app of its kind to be available on both Android and iOS. You browse matches, swiping one way if you think they’re cute and the other if they’re not your type. And once there is mutual interest, you digital chat begins.

Just use #eSwoonUp on Twitter to join the conversation on 7/16. During the hour, we'll be giving away a pair of movie tickets and two copies of my book to the people who ask the best questions. We’ll be discussing dating app tips, messaging etiquette, and the offline transition from the first “hi” to the last in-person smooch. Can’t wait to c u there!