Forbidden Fruit: The Good and Bad of Love Triangles

By Kevin Murray, Suave Scribe

credit: Horia Varlan (Flickr)It’d be simple if you could always walk up to a gal you like, pull a dandelion out of the ground, kiss her on the cheek, and tell her you think she’s cute — you know, just like you did in your elementary schoolyard. Unfortunately, romance gets more complicated than that when you get older, and a flower just isn’t enough.

To make things even more worse, it’s a known fact that many of us often want what we can’t have … which is why you might inevitably (and unfortunately) find yourself in the middle of a love triangle at some point in your life. Here are two sides to this three-sided story:


Fresh Fruit:

There’s just something really fun about being bad or naughty. Is anything hotter than saying, “This is wrong, we shouldn’t be doing this,” followed by ripping each other’s clothes off? Admit it, it gets you a little excited just thinking about it.

Sneaking around often breaks us away from the cliché dates and catchphrases we typically say in relationships. Love triangles also imply a “no strings attached” vibe in the initial stages of your fling, which can really kick up the dirty talk to another level. Sometimes, running around doing something wrong can feel so right.

Rotten Fruit:

On the flip side, love triangles are frustrating. Sneaking around can be fun to a point, but it’s a project to keep your forbidden romance a secret. The person in the middle has to juggle two relationships, essentially telling half-truths to both sides (which is a positive way of saying that this person is lying his or her ass off). There’s a continual deletion of texts (or even social media messages) to cover up the secret romance trail.

Meanwhile, those on the outside are stuck wondering when — or if — the middle person will ever going to be completely available so this crowd can turn into a more manageable party. Let’s face it — at some point, the excuse-making well is going to run dry.

Love triangles don’t last forever. A choice has to be made. The one in the middle holds all the cards, choosing to run between both parties, claiming they have the situation under control. But in reality, this person often has no idea who he or she is running from — or to, for that matter. And the longer the triangle persists the messier things become. Too many emotions are involved and the only fruit left to eat is damaged goods. So if you’ve found yourself caught in this three-ringed circus, it’s best to figure out your love triangle early on before you go sour on each other.

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