Behind the Scenes: A Burst of Love, Celebrating Single Parents

By Samantha Eng, Certified eFlirter

credit: ToastyKen (Flickr)This Fourth of July I diverted from the normal single-in-the-city routine and celebrated with a few friends and their families at a local BBQ on the island. I knew I’d be the single chick friend-of-a-friend, and I accepted it early on. Might as well own it, right?

As the evening hours set in and the kids swarmed around me (benefits of being the “s’mores queen” and always having an ample supply of marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers in my back pocket), the fireworks in the sky quickly stole attention away from the bonfire before us. And what really grabbed my attention were the little ones: I watched each of them toddle to their respective parents, tilt their heads to the sky and saw their eyes sparkle with the stars in the night sky.

But for once, I paid closer attention to the parents whose lap each tyke crawled into. Whether their arms were wrapped around the child’s waist or held up, hand pointing to the illuminated sky, what was unmistakable was the sparkle in their eyes … from watching their child.

This past month eFlirt Expert offered a promotion during Mother’s and Father’s Day to help single parents improve their online dating profiles. With each of the three complimentary tweaks we offered, we hoped to improve their digital first impression, increase their confidence, and help them on the path to finding a new love.

Our hearts swelled when we received more than an armful (trust me, we’re all about hugs in the eFlirt Expert HQ, and our arms were majorly fatigued after dishing out the advice with a complimentary virtual hug to follow) of promo entries. From mothers who balanced soccer practice, home cooked meals and executive careers to fathers who had tea parties with their daughters and attended as many ballet recitals and baseball practices time would permit, these wonder women and supermen were real life super heroes.

So while those tots watched fireworks, I watched their parents watch them, then turned to the sky, thanking the stars for fireworks and superheroes a… wherever they are.