How To: Endure Embarrassment On a Fab First Date

By Kayla Lopez, Copy Cutie 

credit: From Me - To You (Flickr)

Ladies and gentleman, it’s an (unfortunate) fact that first dates aren’t always fantastical. We‘ve all endured an embarrassing, uncontrollable event. For example, a silent but deadly fart can bring a stellar evening to a screeching, “Do you smell that?” Or perhaps your enthusiastic date planned an outdoor rendezvous on a hot summer day … and the pre-date jitters caused you to forget deodorant and you’re sticky and sweaty. And maybe, ladies, your outfit called for sexy stilettoes, or for the gents, are you simply a klutz when your nerves are nutty? Let’s face it: Both are recipes for the possible cement plummet!

But hang tight love-seekers, follow these easy tips and get to date number two:

Submit to it.  Acknowledge the awkward and submit to the situation. It’s totally acceptable to make an adorable joke about the snafu and laugh it off. In fact, it’s encouraged, since it’ll show your date you’re confident, despite being in in a mortifying situation. There’s nothing more attractive than confidence! 

Stick it out.  Realistically, your unassuming date will most likely, forget about what happened seconds after the oh-no occurrence. Let it go, you’re on a fab first date! Focus on getting the dynamic and energy back.

Speak up — really!  Stay in the conversation. Don’t suddenly get shy. Be yourself, because you are magnificent. Look at it this way: You survived the humiliation. Not only did you confidently deal with this horrifying moment, but you also revealed the lighthearted side of you. That’s sexy! 

When it comes down to it, if your date likes you, than the awkward moment will be insignificant. Forget fidgety and blush no more. Stay positive so you can charm your way to your next date!

What are your tips for brushing off a bad-date moment? Share below!