Pre-Date Rituals: 8 Things To Do Before A First Date

By Therese Ptak, Copy Cutie

credit: Mustafa Sayed (Flickr)When preparing for that first face-to-face encounter with an online date, there are a lot of variables. Everyone wants their date to go well with as few mishaps as possible. Sometimes a couple preparatory pre-date rituals can help soothe first date jitters and ensure that the date goes as awesome as possible. Here are some ideas to help you make a fantastic first impression:

Work It Out
Take a little time to do some light exercise before you get ready for your date. It releases endorphins, relieves stress, and relaxes you so that you can approach the date with a fresh, upbeat attitude. Nothing too strenuous though! You don’t want to pull a hamstring before a night on the town.

Nail Down Details
Wherever it is you are going, either print out directions or program them into your GPS or smartphone. That way, you’ll have an idea of where you need to go which will help minimize mistakes that’d make you late for that first date! Also, take some extra time to confirm the time with your date to make sure nothing’s changed.

Rehearse Some Questions
If you tend to get tongue-tied when meeting someone new, it may be a good idea to come up with some insightful and pertinent questions to help move the conversation along (just in case you get stuck).

Freshen Up!
Don’t be afraid to take some extra time for yourself. Use that special perfume or cologne you’ve been saving.  Tame that bird’s nest on top of your head. Shower, shave, whiten, or wax until you’re pristine. It boosts your self-esteem and makes you look fantastic. It’s a win-win!

Audition Your Outfits
Make sure you match your outfit to your activity. Hiking? You may want to leave the heels or dress shirt at home. Dinner date? That old t-shirt you wear to the gym should stay home. Above all, keep your appearance classy. How you present yourself is how others will perceive you, so make sure your clothes are clean and fit you properly.

Charge Your Gizmos
Nothing’s worse than getting lost or running late and not being able to alert your date about the delay. Make sure your phone’s charged, and if you’re bringing a camera or GPS, have them juiced up and ready to go. Just make sure you silence the phone once you get there!

Chill Out!
Take some time to rid yourself of those jitters. Once you’re dressed and ready to meet up, try to spend some time quieting your mind. Maybe have a drink (just one!), or listen to some music that makes you feel good—whatever it takes to make you feel more comfortable.

Mint For Luck
Nothing helps you feel more confident than a quick mint before you meet up. Having fresh breath can help you get over initial insecurity and go into the first date with your head high.

How are some additional ways you get ready to meet up with your online date? Tell us below! And if you're in NYC, join our founder, Laurie, for her exclusive event at the NARS Boutique where you'll learn amazing techniques for date night primping from the pros as you sip champagne!