Lulu: Helping Out One #Hashtag At A Time

credit: Lulu

By Ashley Parsons, Associate Editor 

Life would be much easier if some guys came with warning labels such as “Total Cheapskate Ahead,” or perhaps “May Contain Commitment Issues.” Finally, our prayers have been answered: Lulu is an app that lets us girls rate guys through Facebook. Controversial? Yup. But insanely helpful? We think so. We decided to get the real scoop on this kickass app from the founders.

We all know that there's a certain kind of thrill that comes along with dating a "bad boy," but do you think the ratings on Lulu deter girls from going after hunks who are total jerks?

Let’s be honest, there is no technology in the world that could keep a girl away from a “bad boy.” We can only hope that as we get older and wiser, we cure ourselves of the bad boy habit. On a serious note, we know girls are smart. Like any other review, a Lulu review is just one person’s opinion. Girls make their decisions in all areas of their lives based on a number of sources.

What types of guys do you think benefit most from having their personalities laid out on your site?

All guys benefit from being on Lulu. Some find their reviews to be a real ego-boost. Our most popular hashtags—#WillActSilly, #EpicSmile, and #CleansUpGood—are very positive and shed light on the most attractive attributes of a boy. Others get valuable feedback from seeing their reviews. Guys want to be on Lulu because we offer access to hundreds of thousands of girls— girls who come to Lulu specifically to look at and talk about guys. If you're not there, you won't get discovered by these girls. We’ve also learned that guys love our Sex Ed column, which has questions and stats answered by girls on Lulu.  Guys want access to these insights, and we provide them.

With all the female users on your site, there are probably a few gutsy girls that want to attach their name to a review. Ever think of making the privacy optional?

Right now, privacy is our main priority. Our users value anonymity, and we will continue to respect that.

Online bullying—especially in the past few years—has been a huge issue. How does Lulu manage to keep itself from becoming a platform for bashing exes? 

We built Lulu to be a safe and positive place for girls and guys. We’ve built a number of protections into the product, including:
● A Lulu review is like a Cosmo quiz. To create a review, girls answer multiplechoice questions. Unlike Yelp, girls can’t write in their own comments.
● Agree and disagree buttons let girls weigh in on the accuracy of each review.
● Lulu is friends only. Guys can only be seen and reviewed by their female Facebook friends.
● Lulu is 17+. We are not for children or young teens. We check the age of all users via Facebook and block anyone under 17.
● Easy to opt out. If guys don’t want to be reviewed by their friends on Lulu, we take them off immediately. 

Now, I'm a firm believer that you can't teach an old dog new tricks. Being that both guys and girls can cruise the site, do you think seeing some bad ratings could actually help a scrub change his ways? Or is Lulu meant more for helping ladies be more cautious daters?

What can we say, we’re a team of wishful thinkers!  And while we aren’t expecting any man miracles – a good Lulu review has definitely become an incentive for guys to start cleaning their bathrooms and opening doors.
And yes, girls are definitely using Lulu as a means for weeding out the good from the bad. Which is exactly what we intended J 
Girls are also using Lulu to give their guy friends all the credit they deserve for being loyal (#TrueFriend), fun (#MakesMe Laugh), and just generally #OneOfTheGoodOnes.
So, it’s both for making good decisions for yourself and also helping other girls discover the great guys they might otherwise overlook.

If you want to learn a little more about the guys you already know (we find that it's usually on point), check out Lulu yourself! Go to and check it out via Facebook, the iTunes App store, or the Google Play store. And don't worry guys, you can check yourself out too on Lulu Dude