3 Things to Consider Before Moving in Together

By Kayla Lopez, Copy Cutie

credit: .Lisa Marie. (Flickr)Congratulations! You and your loved one have made a decision that your relationship is worthy of sharing more than just an appetizer on Friday night. Moving in together is an exciting endeavor, but before you make a copy of your key, express to your cutie during a yummy dinner any concerns that are on your mind. Speak now or forever hold your tongue! Here is a guide to help you work out what is important to consider before taking that big step.

Please Hold, Experiment In Progress
Consider having a preliminary trial period with your honey before the official move in. Of course, do this during a normal week to get a true feel of what the morning shower routine, clean up after dinner, and remote control situation is really like. This will allow the both of you to see exactly how the official living situation will work out.

Right vs. Not So Right 
Don’t move in with someone simply for the financial benefits. DEFINITELY don’t move in with someone because you think it’ll save your relationship. Getting a place together for the wrong reasons could be disastrous. Be financially able to live on your own, even while you are in a committed relationship. Move in because you genuinely feel a serious connection is blossoming. It's a huge commitment and needs to be be carefully considered.

Say Anything
Consider what moving in suggests. To some, moving in together suggests settling down. Your boo may not want to say “I do” the following week, but it might be on their mind for the future. Expectations need to be communicated so that both of you are on the same page as to what the move will unveil in the future.

It may be tempting to take advice from friends and loved ones; however, whether it is three months or one year, only you two will know when it’s the right time to move in together. At some point, when you are ready, you will throw out this list and realize that when the timing is right, you just know.  Moving in is a commitment to share not just a bed and a bathroom but also your lives. Perhaps splitting the last cup of OJ won’t be so bad after all.     

Share what you think should be considered before moving in together below!