5 Worst Dating Profile Openers

By Amanda Rodriguez, Copy Cutie

credit: Claudia_AZ (Flickr)When entering the dating world via the Web, making the mistake of selling yourself short can happen a lot more easily than you think. You see it all the time with new users who might be skeptical about online dating or just have a negative opinion of themselves. Whether you’re dating in the real world or dating online, confidence and presentation are vital components in placing your best foot forward. Here are a few common blunders and why you should steer clear of them.

“I Normally Don’t Do This Kind Of Thing, But…”
Statistically speaking, there are 54 million single people in the United States alone. Roughly 40 million of those people have tried online dating. This would then indicate that 74% of single adults in the United States have tried online dating. What this kind of tagline suggests is inhibition, and no one wants to try something new with an individual that is hung up on the stigma surrounding online dating. Opt for something a little more bold.

"Looks Aren't Everything"
Unfortunately speaking, looks do account for something. By using a one liner such as the one above, it doesn't always make someone want to direct message you with a date request. Bringing up looks right away can make you seem desperate--as though to say, "I don't care what you look like, just date me!"--or insecure, like "I don't like how I look, but please date me!" Just be you! When you find the right match, they'll worry less about how you look and fall for, well, you!

“King Kong Ain’t Got Nothing On Me”
This one goes out to the men. DON'T think it appropriate to proclaim your "manliness" as your tagline. It has about the same appeal as catcalling a woman on the street. What it IS likely to earn you is a lot of neglect. Put a little more focus on showing off your character. Your equipment is not the first thing ladies want to hear about.

“Divorced, 5 Kids…”
Everyone as a past, but it should not be advertised on your profile. A tagline is a short and sweet way of catching the attention of a potential partner. you don't want to scare them away before you even speak with them. Your personal life should remain as private as possible in the beginning. Leave some things to the imagination.

“I’m Really Not Crazy (No, Really!)”
Nothing screams "psycho" more than stating that you are not crazy. People who view your profile might wonder whether you're trying to convince them or yourself. Jeffrey Dahmer didn't think he was crazy either. If you're not off your rocker, leave it out of your headline.

No matter what your headline is, make sure that it highlights you and your best attributes. Know that, much like a commercial your tagline will serve as your 10-second window for others to want to. Make that window a magnificent one with tons of light pouring through!