4 Weird Places to Smell Your Ex’s Scent

By Therese Ptak, Copy Cutie

credit: Iain Farrell (Flickr)Relationships are great…until they aren’t.  Whether it was an abrupt ending or a long slog to the inevitable good-bye, post-breakup feelings aren’t usually pleasant. As with anything that we find painful, the natural reaction is to try and avoid things that remind us of our ex. Unfortunately, our senses often have other plans, forming strong connections with places, colors and even certain scents like a favorite perfume or cologne. This makes for some pretty awkward aftermath.  Here are four places where smelling that special scent really maxes out the weird-o-meter:

Your Car Seatbelt
You’re off to the grocery store to find more post-breakup comfort food, but as you plop yourself down in your vehicle and prepare to blast your sappy playlist, you’re strongly reminded of the last time your ex sat there and apparently wove their cologne into your seatbelt. Bam! The scent of a broken heart all up in your nostrils. The worst part is that you can’t really get away from it, seatbelt laws being what they are. Besides, how do you even wash a seatbelt?

Randomly In Public
You’re minding your own business at the hardware store, admiring wood chippers and glue when, quite unexpectedly, you get a whiff of the ex.  Moments earlier, you were calmly wandering through the aisles; now you’re looking searching wildly, hiding behind garbage cans, trying to avoid an awkward encounter where you’d have to smile through weak attempts at chit-chat (while pretending that you’re totally over them). 

On Your Best Friend/Co-worker
Imagine getting together with a friend or co-worker and catching a hint of your soured squeeze’s favorite spray.  It’d definitely make you stop and wonder for a minute. Especially if it’s not something they’ve ever really worn before…and if they have been mysteriously hard to contact…and seem uncomfortable when you start complaining about your ex. Hmm.  I smell scandal!

On Your New Date
So you’ve gotten over your ex and are on a date with Mr. or Miss Hopeful Prospect! They seem really cool. You’re feeling pleased with how everything is progressing. At the end of the night, they lean in for a little goodnight peck! Suddenly you smell déjà vu and bad decisions. In an instant, your suave, flirtatious exterior is obliterated. Not only are you battling doubts about your ability to reel in a keeper, you’re also flabbergasted that of all the scents in the world, THAT is the one they had to pick.  Nothing will ruin a date quicker than a whiff of Break-up: The Sequel. 


Where are some other places that would be totally weird to catch your ex’s scent? Comment below!