Top 5: Digital Turnoffs

By Kayla Lopez, Copy Cutie

credit: David Hill (Flickr)Let’s face it: nobody’s completely innocent of committing a digital turnoff. We’ve all emoji-ed or texted until our thumbs cramped. Maybe you were the guy who filled up a crush’s Facebook inbox rather than just picking up the phone, or perhaps you’ve been the gal who boasts about her album of shameless selfies.  No more of this, ladies and gents!
Check out this list of digital offenses that, if committed enough times, could be cause for your crush to overlook your true charm.

Emoji Fail.
Enough of the emojis. Be in the moment! Pick up your phones and let your crush hear that infectious laugh. A yellow face revealing large teeth and blushing cheeks can only express so much. Put out the extra effort and give them a call so the smiley faces can take a break.

No more abbreviating. (R U kool w/dat?)
Abbreviating or misspelling can be perceived as laziness or worse—a lack of interest in your crush. Do you really laugh out loud every type you send “lol?” Also, say goodbye to “how R U QT?” and replace it with, “Hey you! Feelin’ like a cup of coffee this morning?” Don’t send the wrong message. Take a couple seconds longer to spell out every word to show you’re very into the conversation!

While emojis and misspelling can be annoying, too much texting in general is a nosedive into the singles-only pool. Call your crush and avoid the long conversations via text. I get it: we are living in the digital age, but because of technological advances, people are forgetting the excitement of face-to-face interaction. Keep the text convos light, simple, and short via text or e-mail. If you need to talk a bit longer, think about giving them a buzz instead.

Social Media Mishaps
Assuming that you’re friends with or are following your crush on a social media site: leave some mystery to your marvelous life! Too many status updates, regardless of good intentions, appear to be ego-driven. Less checking in on Facebook and more checking out new places in real life.

Endless Selfies
Taking an excessive amount of pictures of yourself can be perceived as self-obsessed. Just say no to duck faces, flexing, and Glamour/GQ poses. Use your artistic abilities for a more productive means, like group shots or shots of places you’ve been (because all your friends and followers already know you’re smokin’!)

The list of digital turnoffs is lengthy. Share your personal experiences with digital turnoffs below!