Buy One, Gift One Sale

It’s equally exciting to give as it is to get during the holidays – especially when the gift is heart centered and personal. I hear singles say, “I just want my best friend to find love; she really deserves a partner,” so this holiday season, we’ll be giving you the chance to both give love and receive it in return. From now until the end of the year, when you buy one of our digital dating services – like the Love At First Site package, which gets you a brand new dating profile written by an expert, selection of all your photos, a dating site suggestion, and first-timer advice – you’ll receive the same service for free to gift to a friend.* Just use code BOGiftOne at checkout.  

We’re doing this because dating online can feel like a solo act – you sit at a screen by yourself, message matches, and then wait impatiently, hoping you’ll hear back. But the whole process is more fun when you’re doing it with your bestie, especially when the dates begin, and you can laugh together over the dud you met or gush about your latest crush. When you both work with eFlirt, you’ll have instant confidence in your digital flirting persona, and gifting love to your friend will keep you warm on the inside, too. 

Falling in love is one of the top ten things we hope next year will hold for us, according to a New Year’s resolution study by the University of Scranton. Get a jump on making you and another’s hearts leap whether it’s a family member, friend, or co-worker by gifting and receiving love!


* Valid only for new purchases. All Terms and Services Conditions apply to this sale. You must enter the specified promo code at checkout in order to receive this promotion. Buy one select service at its regular retail price and get the same select service for free. Both services may not be redeemed by the same individual; the free service MUST be gifted and redeemed by another person. Promotion cannot be applied to Happy Hour or Concierge services, or toward the purchase of gift cards. Buy one, get one free promotion cannot be combined with other promotional offers.