Big City Dating: Guide to dating around the world…

Credit: Paulina Astorga (Flickr)

Credit: Paulina Astorga (Flickr)


Dating is a complicated business. Not only to you have to think about what to wear, what to say, where to go and a million other things, but if your date is seriously hot and there’s a bucket-load of chemistry, you’ll want to make a good impression and make it to date number two territory. 

But what if you’re from London and they're from New York? Or you hail from Paris and they come from Down Under? Fret not! Here are Lovestruck, we thought we’d take you on a quick, guided love tour around the major cities of the world and list some dos and don’ts. Fasten your seatbelt…

Dating a New Yorker
Life moves fast in New York -- the city never sleeps, the people are hot, everyone works hard and most people party even harder. Dating a New Yorker can be an exhausting business; most are used to "multiple dating," especially the men because they have so much choice, so the “are we boyfriend/girlfriend” chat doesn’t normally happen until much later.

Don’t mention: Paying for the bill, ladies. Guys in New York like to pick it up at the end of the night.

Do mention: That you date online. A ton of New Yorkers date this way. You might be considered strange if you’re not online.

Dating a Londoner
Over half of London is single, hurray, so finding a Londoner who is looking for love is not unusual. It’s also safe to say that many Londoners are seriously into their careers, with a recent survey saying 45 percent think it is one of their top three focuses in life, so don’t expect them to pull a sickie any time soon.

Don’t mention: That you didn’t watch the London Olympics in 2012. As far as Londoners are concerned, this was the capital’s finest hour.

Do mention: Going to a gallery. Most Londoners are culture vultures and love a trip round a gallery or theatre.

Dating a Sydneysider
Like London and New York,  Sydney is seriously multicultural, so it’s pretty hard to list a "one size fits all" dating type, but we think it’s fair to say that most Aussies love the great outdoors and are avid sports fans; from cricket to tennis, to rugby and soccer, anything that is active and outdoors is a good thing.

Don’t mention: That you have never set foot on a surfboard. This is the equivalent to not being able to ride a bike or swim.

Do mention: That you love BBQ food. Anything Aussies don’t know about BBQs ain’t worth knowing.

Dating a Parisian
The French are known for their romantic attitudes, good looks and chic clothes. We repeat: they are VERY fashionable. If you’re considering wearing that dodgy shirt or yesterday’s dress, think again. Also, don’t be surprised if a French date pushes for monogamy early - this is normal. By the time you may have had a second date with a Londoner or New Yorker, you will be living with your Parisian and will have met their family, including Great Aunt Celine.

Don’t mention: That you would like him to help with the washing up, girls. Most French men have been waited on hand and foot by their mothers, so they will have no idea what being domestic entails…

Do mention:Je t’aime.” Many Parisians say this early on. Moving forward, you can expect to hear it a few times a day, so you can return the compliment.

Dating a Milanese
Basically much like a Parisian, you need to dress up and stay attuned to the latest fashions if you want to impress a Milanese. Remember: Italy is the country that gave us Casanova and Romeo. The men and women are incredibly sexy and passionate and they’re not raising their voice at you. Be patient, you will get a word in eventually.

Don’t mention: That you fancy the pants of him or her. The men and women from Milan (especially the men) love the thrill of the chase. So if you have your eyes set on him or her, make them work for it.

Do mention: That you are happy to drive. Milan is known to have some of the craziest roads of Europe, and the drivers can be pretty bonkers, too.

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