A Holiday Gift-Giving Guide for New Couples

By Jessica Kane, Client Relationship Strategist

Credit:  frankieleon  (Flickr)

Credit: frankieleon (Flickr)

So you’re one of the lucky people who have managed to snag a partner right before the holidays. Amazing! But wait — holidays mean gifts, which can be tricky territory to navigate at the beginning of a relationship. eFlirt’s number one tip? Don’t get him or her something. Take that special someone somewhere and have an experience the two of you will never forget. Your relationship is still new, after all, and forming memories together is a great step in ensuring it continues to grow and flourish. A flashy ring or watch can be nice, but nothing makes people feel more special than knowing you’ve spent time to tailor their gifts personally to them.

While planning an experience will involve making purchases for two, don’t worry — there are plenty of ways to make your partner feel appreciated without breaking the bank. Here are a few ideas to get you started on finding your other half the perfect gift.

1. Take a Cooking Class. Cooking can be a fun, active way to find out how you work together. Whether you’re rolling out homemade pasta, getting perfect grill marks on a steak, or taste testing a savory sauce, creating a meal together equals instant bonding. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities to flirt. Have some extra flour on hand? Dust it on your co-chef’s nose (just don’t let the teacher see!). Added bonus: a delicious ending to your day.

2. See a Concert. Listening to live music can be a fantastic bonding experience for budding relationships. Getting tickets to a band that your partner likes shows you’ve been listening, and that what’s important to him or her is important to you, too. On the other hand, getting tickets to a band you like (while being a bit more of an off-beat option) can demonstrate that you want to invite your new significant other into your world. Keep your eyes peeled for a dance area — any opportunity for physical contact should be seized by the horns! 

3. Go to a Play. Is your Secret Santa the intellectual sort? If so, a play is probably your best bet for a meaningful experience. It doesn’t matter if it’s comedy or drama, Shakespeare or Neil Simon (though it would be nice for you to consider your partner’s tastes) — the effort of picking won’t go unnoticed. Pair your play with a quiet dinner before the performance or a post-show drink to make sure you have plenty of time to catch up on conversation. No one likes a chatty Cathy or Carl during a show!

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