Why Your Profile Needs a Second Set of Eyes

Credit:  Ashley Bishop  (Flickr)

Credit: Ashley Bishop (Flickr)

By Krissy Dolor, Director of eFlirting

You just wrote your online dating profile and think it’s fantastic. Creative opener here, witty joke there. You’ve got the digital courting game in the bag, right?

Well, think again. What might be hysterical or intelligent sounding to you could come off as totally lame or pompous to someone else.

I know what you’re probably thinking: Everyone laughs at my jokes! I’m a great conversationalist! That might be the case, but telling a joke or saying something funny (or sexy) in person can be easily misconstrued by the person reading your words … which isn’t great if you’re trying to impress the person on the other side of the screen. Here are three reasons why you should have someone else give your profile a once over before you go live:

1. Funny or Die: As a kid you might have thought joke books were hysterical. But what kids fail to realize when they’re younger is that what the joke really depends on its delivery, not just the content. So jokes, or retellings of a comical thing that happened to you recently, would probably be better said on a first date. Make your date #harhar during IRL conversation instead of trying to get them to LOL over text.

2. Sexy Can I: You’re dating online, so it’s only natural that you want to come off as a sexy guy or gal to the online masses. But the problem with trying to appear seductive or sultry is that without tone or body language, your words might appear cheap, silly, or flat-out skanky. Instead of trying to impress someone with sex appeal through words, save the sensual vibes for when you meet someone offline. When it comes to being suggestive, body language speaks louder than words.

3. Show Off: The most important part of your profile is, of course, talking about yourself in a way that makes you sound like a catch (which you are, right?). But the tricky part is to make sure you don’t sound arrogant when you’re chatting yourself up. That’s why it’s wise to have someone else take a peek at your profile — there might be something you’re missing that another person will pick up on.

You might think you’re a suave scribe, but it never hurts to have a second opinion on your dating profile. Whether it’s a sibling, friend, or maybe even a Certified eFlirt Expert, letting someone review your profile can help you avoid posting something that might turn someone off, instead of turning them on.  

What flirty faux-pas have you come across in your searches? Let us know in a comment!