Free Mother's Day Gift for Single Moms

By Laurie Davis, Founder

Me (age 3) and my amazing mom. 

Me (age 3) and my amazing mom. 

One of my most recent clients was a single mom with five children. She was worried that she wouldn’t meet a man who could not only handle that responsibility, but adore all her children, too. Having been raised by a single mom, I understood her fears.

So many of our single mom clients tell me they feel guilty about dating. Their kids are the center of their world, so focusing on themselves for a change feels unfair.

But here’s the thing — love for someone else won’t diminish the love you have for your kids. I bet your kids want you to be happy, though they may not have been as bold as to say, “You better start dating so I can have a brother soon,” like my friend’s daughter told her a few months back.

To give your dating life a jumpstart, we’re giving single moms a free gift for Mother’s Day: advice! I don’t mean an eBook or a guide, but expert advice specifically for your online dating profile. We know one-on-one advice works best, and we want you to take advantage of it. Here’s how it works:

1.     Enter your information below by Sunday, May 10 at midnight.

2.     We’ll view your online dating profile and put together feedback that’s just for you with the top five ways your profile can be improved. It will be friendly and constructive — perhaps a photo you think is your best shot just isn’t in the eyes of a guy! Who knew? Well, after working with hundreds of men, we sure do. ;)

3.     In a few weeks, you’ll receive our advice, completely free of charge. We want you to meet someone meaningful, which, to us, is priceless.

After writing thousands of online dating profiles over the last six years, we have a deep understanding of what works on dating sites and what doesn’t. We want to share the love with you in the hopes that you’ll find someone special, just like so many of our clients including the single mom with five kids. She’s now in a relationship with the very first guy she met on Match. Perhaps like her, you won’t be a single mom for much longer.  

This giveaway has now closed, but we're still happy to help single moms with their profiles! Check out our eMakeover service. Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!