It Takes a Woman's Touch to MAN UP

By Ashley Parsons, Lead Writer

I think it's safe to say that home decor isn't typically at the forefront of the male agenda. (To all you design-savvy gents, sorry for the generalization. You know what I mean.) With work, dates, and now football season taking up your schedule, who cares about bed frames or bookshelves? YOU should! Don't worry, you don't have to do this all on your own -- awesome help is on the way. 

Meet Mallory, the founder of MAN UP Interiors. Based out of Venice, CA, she helps bachelors sort out there apartments on both coasts (Los Angeles, San Francisco, NYC), to battle the mattress-on-the-floor epidemic. In this eFlirt interview, she tells us a little about interiors and a little about herself!

We talk to people about their dating "deal breakers" all the time. What are a few absolute red flags a woman should look out for in a guy's apartment?
Red flags are certainly open to interpretation and personal preferences, but overall, I’d argue that anything that falls to one of the extremes is a red flag. For example, I’d consider a messy, unkempt, foul frat-house smelling apartment a red flag (after age 23, of course), but I’d also consider a sterile “American Psycho” apartment devoid of personality or character equally disturbing. No family or personal photos =  red flag; strewn with take out boxes and trash and piles of laundry = red flag.  

Speaking of deal breakers, what are some of yours?
- Apartment deal breakers: Mattress on the floor. Foul smells. Stained couches/rugs/bed linens. Devoid of style/personal touches. La-Z-Boy recliners.
- Dating deal breakers: Chain Smoking.  Dishonesty. Poor oral hygiene. Lack of ambition. Tube socks. 

What would you say is the most common home faux pas that dudes make?
Undervaluing their home environment. They often forget that their home is a reflection of themselves—not only to people who come visit, but also as the environment they create for themselves on a daily basis. Your home space continually reflects back to you: who you are and how you see yourself. Where you spend the most time has a huge impact on your self-image. 

Has MAN UP affected your love life at all?
MAN UP has helped me understand men SO MUCH MORE. When I meet with a client for the first time, it is so important to the process to understand what they value, where their interests lie, and what their ambitions are. Meeting and talking to all sorts of different guys has really given me a deeper insight into how they think and what their priorities are; considering my current single status, MAN UP has given me hope that there are really so many amazing, thoughtful, and talented guys out there! So many gems!

Any advice for a guy who's about to have a date over for the first time, maybe trying to tidy up last minute?
- Make your bed! Nothing tidies up a room faster than a made bed.
- Take out the trash to avoid nasty odors. If it’s still stinky, light a candle.
- Have something to offer: popcorn or ice cream if it’s a movie date; cheese and wine for a pre-dinner drink. It shows care, forethought and hospitality.

What about having a kick-ass living space can translate into your love life?
I’m a firm believer that like attracts like. If you create a kick-ass home space that reflects your personality, interests, and priorities—filled with things you love—you will automatically attract more of what you love. And not just love love: experiences you love, work you love, or relationships filled with love.  Just like you’d invest in a custom 3-piece suit to nail the interview for your dream job, creating a home space that you love affects the way you feel about yourself—your outlook, self-esteem, self-image—and sends signals that you are ready to share your home with others.

And don’t forget the obvious…it’s way more fun to entertain a new love interest in a kick-ass space, and it certainly helps your chances of keeping her around!

For more info on Mallory's awesome interiors, check out her website: MAN UP Interiors