First dates on Valentine's Day are a thing now

Photo Credit: Michael Caven

By: Laurie Davis, Founder

Apparently, first dates on Valentine’s Day are a thing now.
According to a new Zoosk study, 75 percent of singles would be more likely to say yes to a first date on Valentine’s Day!
This was a little shocking to me, because it’s a major shift from years past. When I first started helping singles date online in 2009, they tended to avoid logging into their dating accounts for the entire week! But now that pretty much everyone who is single is dating online, people aren’t afraid to meet on a whim (or on a holiday).
So even though V Day is only a few days away, keep eFlirting!
In my new, biweekly column “Single and Swiping” which I write for the Metro, I give advice for how to have a great (low pressure) first date on the 14th. Read it here. 
You can also find the column it in print in the New York, Boston, and Philly editions today (and every other week).
Going on a first date on Valentine's Day? Comment below and let us know how it goes!

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