Announcing: eFlirt’s Online Dating Master Class Series

Almost two years ago now, I had a bit of a coach crisis.

It was terrible timing (as all crises are) as I had just hired another employee at eFlirt — our fifth employee working full time.

It came when I had this nagging thought: People don’t need you to date online for them.

Hearing that voice scared me. My entire business was built on managing people’s dating accounts and we had become so skilled at it.

I’d be crazy to walk away from that certainty, my brain said.

But my heart disagreed. And even though it was the scariest thing I’ve ever done in my career, I decided I needed to follow my heart. After all, that’s what I teach my clients to do every day!

You probably already know that the result of this was the birth of The Worthy One, our coaching platform’s new home.

I realized that what was out of alignment for me was the notion of taking over people’s dating accounts. It was us at eFlirt saying, “You can’t attract love on your own.” And I don’t believe that. So now, I coach my clients to find their voice, move through their fears and blocks, and attract the right relationship.

But I still had to decide what to do about eFlirt. Do I really let everything we’ve learned from working with singles for almost a decade go to waste and shut it down?

To be honest, I almost did. But the week before I deleted the website I decided there was a way to continue sharing my online dating expertise with you in an empowering way.  

Which is why today, we’re launching something we’ve never launched to the public before — a comprehensive way for you to (finally!) understand all the nuances of online dating so you can meet great guys. Click here to meet eFlirt’s Online Dating Master Class Series.

ver the 10 years, we’ve discovered the  science to online dating. And as my coaching evolved, so did the methods my team and I used to help singles meet partners that were worthy of their love and affection — online.

These methods are what I want to share with you, because I know what works and what doesn’t, and you deserve to have that knowledge, too.

So if you’re looking for a way to meet the right men online, I’m introducing our Online Dating Master Class Series, a way for you to stop wasting your time struggling so you can spend more time on great dates with matches you actually like.

The bundle is divided into four course so you can learn the exact science to dating online so you can attract the right matches and go on more dates. You’ll get:

  • Write Your Best Profile, which will give you confidence in knowing you can write an authentic profile that really reflects you … and will get you more messages from the people you like.
  • Photos That Attract, that will teach you what photos to choose that will attract the right matches.
  • How To Self Select Your Next Partner, which shares strategies and mindsets for both searching and messaging that feels exciting, keeps you open (but discerning) to potential matches, and gets you on more dates.
  • How To Have The Best First Date, that will give you clarity on exactly how to use your feminine power to create more chemistry with him.
  • And SO much more!

Click here to learn more about how the Online Dating Master Class Series will help uplevel your online dating life.

My hope for every heart I connect with has always been the same: For you to spend more time dating with matches you actually like in the hopes that you’ll find the best relationship that speaks to YOU.

I want to you to have a relationship that feels authentic. Because if you’re putting your authentic self out there, don’t you want a partner who’s on the same, authentic page as you?

Most importantly, everything you’ll learn in these courses will work no matter what dating site or app you’re on, how old you are, or where you live.

I’ve helped clients on nearly every dating platform, and my clients include all walks of life at all ages. These courses include the strategies that have worked for all of them, and I want YOU to have access to the same secrets that have helped thousands of others get more dates.

After you start working through each video series, you’ll get more messages and more responses to the messages you send out, too. You’ll spend less time online dating, and more time offline on actual dates. Isn’t that why you’re dating online to begin with?

So if you’re still struggling to put your words on the screen, working up the courage to send him a message, or want more high-quality dates with matches you’re actually interested in, learn my proven tips and methods that will get you on more dates.

Uplevel your dating life with eFlirt’s Online Dating Master Class Series today.

See you there!