Pop-Tech Flirting Toolbox

Looking to branch out from traditional dating sites? This list is a resource for Chapter 12, Pop-Tech Flirting, on the newest virtual tools in the digi-woo space, from apps to just-launched dating sites.

Apps for a 2.0 Couple

In Chapter 14, Tech Woo, you learned how my fiance and I (who I met on Twitter) continue to flirt via technology every day. And you can tech woo with your honey too! Here is a list of our favorite tech tools as a 2.0 couple. 

Online Dating Photographers

Sometimes, you need new pics for your profile, like I mention in Chaper 1, Snapshot Skills. So here is a list of our FAVE photographers at eFlirt Expert. They are all vouched for since our clients (or myself) have used each one of these talented shooters. Name drop eFlirt Expert and you might get a discount with .